Discovery Bioanalysis

Discovery bioanalytical services at the Laboratory Testing Division support in vitro ADME, discovery biology, PK, PD and discovery toxicology from NCE screening through IND filing. We partner with our clients to advance their discovery efforts by rapidly delivering the high-quality data they need the way they need it. Applying institutional expertise and high-throughput technology, we analyze over 2,000,000 in vitro samples and over 300,000 in vivo samples per year.

LC-MS/MS Platform

Our LC-MS/MS platform enables small-molecule bioanalysis in the field of drug discovery. The Bioanalytical Services Unit has extensive expertise in diversified compound classes and broad knowledge on a range of species, strains, matrices and microsampling techniques.

in vitro Bioanlytical Support

+ 9 dedicated HTS mass spectrometers supported by leading-edge software
+ ~90,000 compounds screened per year
+ ~2,000,000 samples per year
+ Full range of ADME assays, such as various stability, binding and DDI

in vivo Bioanalytical Support

+ 23 UPLC/MS systems with assay acceptance criteria for screening, lead optimization, and pre-IND filing
+ ~10,000 compounds screened per year
+ ~ 300,000 samples per year
+ Diversified in vivo PK/PD/Toxicology study designs

Immunochemistry Platform

Applying advanced immunochemistry techniques, we are able to rapidly validate methods for biologics development as well as provide already validated methods for the top six monoclonal antibody therapeutics to expedite biosimilar projects.

+ Large, experienced clinical bioanalytical team in Shanghai
+ Preclinical bioanalytical team housed within Suzhou toxicology facility for rapid bioanalytical support for toxicology studies
+ Rapidly growing New Jersey bioanalytical team to support both preclinical and clinical studies

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