Non-Clinical Mass Balance and Tissue Distribution

A Successful Program 

With access to WuXi AppTec’s DMPK team, you can leverage our experience in mass balance and Quantitative Whole Body Autoradiography (QWBA) as part of a comprehensive set of in vivo ADME services. We offer an integrated solution that includes Excretion Balance, QWBA and Metabolite Profiling and Identification which utilizes state-of-the-art instrumentation and facilities. When you combine this with 15+ years of industry experience you can be assured a successful in vivo ADME program.

Bile Duct Cannulated (BDC) and Mass Balance

  • Exploratory BDC study with cold compounds
  • Mass Balance with radiolabeled test articles in rodents, dogs and Non-Human Primates (NHP)
  • Determination of excretion kinetics in urine, feces, expired air and bile
  • Pharmacokinetics of parent and total radioactivity (= total drug mass)
  • Combo study of Mass Balance and QWBA

Whole Body Autoradiography (QWBA)

  • Quantitative/Qualitative Whole Body Autoradiography
    • Tissue distribution
    • Placental transfer
    • Large animal organ or tissue autoradiography
  • Cryo-imaging and Quantitative Autoradiography (CIQA)
    • Optical image verification of radioactivity
    • Standard 2D and enhanced 3D image analysis
  • Turnkey study services
    • Study design consultation
    • Pharmacokinetic (PK) analysis
    • Dosimetry calculations
  • State-of-the-Art laboratory features
  • Leica®/Vibratome microtomes, PerkinElmer® oxidizers and GE Typhoon™ Image Scanner
  • DEBRA™ Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • Liquid scintillation counters, TopCount® and beta-counters
  • 14C or 3H isotopes