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Small Molecule Bioanalysis

Customizable Services for your Drug Development Journey

WuXi AppTec’s bioanalytical team has the experience and expertise to help you move your drug candidate to the next milestone. We’ll customize a program that meets the evolving needs of your project, from study design to regulatory submission.

Fast facts:

  • 200+ validated non-proprietary methods
  • 40+ validated new methods for proprietary/innovator molecules every year
  • 500,000+ sample analysis capacity
  • State-of-the-art mass spectrometry platforms with UHPLC-MS/MS capabilities
  • Automated and semi-automated high-throughput-capable systems including Janus®, TomTec® CyBio®-SELMA
  • 21 CFR Part 11-compliant validated systems; Analyst®, MassLynx™, Watson LIMS™

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Your ability to make intelligent, informed decisions hinges on having the right bioanalytical strategy. We can help you develop an approach that will take you from discovery through preclinical to IND and beyond – with the greatest efficiency and speed.

A Process to Help You Meet Your Milestones

LC-MS/MS Quantitation of Peptides & Proteins

Rapid Method Development

  • Peptides 2-4 weeks 
  • Proteins 4-6 weeks

Extensive Experience

  • Resolve non-specific binding
  • Sensitivity tune-up
  • Trypsin digestion conditions
  • Microelution solid phase extraction (SPE) optimization

Diversified Peptides & Proteins

  • Different species and matrices
  • Hybrid Immunoaffinity LC-MS

Fast Synthesis Capabilities

  • 2 weeks turnaround time
  • Synthesize surrogate peptide
  • Synthesize SIL-IS

Experience in Diverse Small Molecule Compound Classes

  • Common new chemical entities (NCE)
  • Polar/non-polar and low molecular weight analytes
  • Endogenous analytes

Proven Expertise Across Species & Matrices

Comprehensive Quality Management System

State-of-the-Art Instrumentation 

  • 70+ UPLC™-MS/MS instruments globally
  • SCIEX API Triple Quad™ 4000/5000/5500/6500/6500+
  • Waters Xevo® TQ-S
  • Waters UPLC™/Shimadzu HPLC/Agilent HPLC/Shimadzu UHPLC
  • Fully automatic LC method scouting system
  • PerkinElmer Janus® liquid handling system
  • TomTec® liquid handling system

Integrated Bioanalytical Service for Global Submissions

  • GLP/non-GLP bioanalytical facilities
  • Central laboratory services – safety lab and clinical kits
  • Support for innovator and generic drugs
  • Clinical and preclinical study support
  • Regulatory support of bioanalytical studies for global submissions
  • Drug Enforcement Agency-inspected, state licensed for radioactivity use (U.S.)