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SOT 2024

SOT 2024

March 10-14, 2024 | Salt Lake City, Utah | Booth 1433

WuXi AppTec is proud to be exhibiting at SOT 2024 March 10-14, 2024. We will be located at booth 1433.

In-Booth Happy Hour

Monday, March 11th | 3PM-4PM | Booth #1433

The SOT President, Dr. Dori Germolec, will be stopping by during our Happy Hour to present WuXi AppTec with the 25-Year Silver Anniversary Award.

Exhibitor Hosted Sessions

Session Title: Is Your Drug Ready for an IND Submission? What Studies are Needed?

Session Description: The intricacies of determining drug readiness, navigating the complexities of preclinical challenges and harnessing the prowess of testing partners highlight the importance of a meticulous approach. As we look to the future, it is not difficult to imagine a time when technological advances will complement traditional in vivo models, where real-time data analytics could offer instantaneous insights, and where collaboration between global regulators streamlines a drug’s journey from labs to markets. Drug developers, sponsors, and testing partners, bound by the common goal of bringing safe, effective treatments to patients, must remember that their collective commitment in these initial phases can shape the health and well-being of countless patients in the future.

Date: Monday, March 11

Time: 1:30 PM–2:30 PM

Room Assignment: 155 B

Session Title: Biocompatibility and Toxicological Risk Assessment Strategies for Absorbable Devices

Session Description: Medical devices engineered for absorption pose unique challenges for extract-based biocompatibility and chemistry studies as well as long term implantation studies. Potential exposure risks can be influenced by degradation profiles, materials, and intended use, resulting in non-standard sample preparations and/or biocompatibility test plans. A case study will be presented to highlight the application of these strategies.

Date: Tuesday, March 12

Time: 10:30 AM–11:30 AM

Room Assignment: 155 B

Session Title: Development Challenges and Regulatory Changes for Cell and Gene Therapies

Session Description: Cell and gene therapies are a rapidly growing field of development, but this popularity has also contributed to manufacturing, testing and regulatory challenges. By understanding the barriers at hand and communicating with regulators through pre-submission meetings, drug sponsors can mitigate delays and keep development timelines on track for cell and gene therapies. 

Date: Wednesday, March 13

Time: 9:00 AM–10:00 AM

Room Assignment: 155 B


About SOT

SOT is the leading toxicology conference as it provides the most complete and in-depth coverage of toxicology. More than 6,500 toxicologists from more than 50 countries attend. Toxicologists can explore lessons learned and share scientific findings and novel approaches with other toxicologists at this annual event, which is designed to showcase the year’s latest in research.

The SOT Annual Meeting also includes the ToxExpo, which is the largest exhibition dedicated to toxicology and the biomedical sciences. ToxExpo features many exhibitors who lead the industry in developing cutting-edge products, services, and technology to benefit the toxicology community.

Attending SOT? Meet With an Expert

Plan a visit to our booth 1433 or plan a virtual visit, and schedule time to speak with one of our subject matter experts in the area of drug development lab testing or medical device lab testing.