Clinical Bioanalysis

Clinical Bioanalytical Services

Clinical development of your small and/or large molecule therapeutic candidates are supported by WuXi AppTec’s team of bioanalytical experts. Our Clinical Bioanalytical Services team provides study support for generic/biosimilar and innovator drugs, with sample management for global clinical trials in compliance with global standards.

Bioanalytical Services Supporting Clinical Studies

  • LC-MS/MS and Ligand Binding platforms for small and large molecules
  • Generic and innovator study support
  • Clinical PK sample analysis
  • Radiolabeled hAME sample analysis and study support
  • Clinical metabolite ID and (radio) profiling: 3H and 14C
  • MIST cross-species metabolite comparison
  • 14C-labeled and 19F-NMR mass balance
  • Soluble, genetic, cellular and tissue biomarker analysis

Safety Laboratory Tests

  • Whole blood Count
  • Urinalysis
  • Chemistry
  • Basic immunology
  • Coagulation

Project Management

  • Data storage
  • Sample management, storage and transport
  • Material management