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SOT’s 2024 Annual Meeting: Showcasing Scientific Advancement & Celebrating Milestones

In Salt Lake City’s bustling Salt Palace Convention Center, a significant event in the toxicology world is scheduled to begin on March 10. The Society of Toxicologists (SOT) Annual Meeting and ToxExpo, now in its 63rd iteration, will continue advancing toxicology and increasing its impact worldwide. This year, amid the normal anticipation and excitement, a unique story of dedication and contribution is unfolding.

For a quarter of a century, WuXi AppTec has been a steadfast participant in SOT, contributing to the conference’s growth and the evolution of toxicology. From engaging in speaking engagements to presenting insightful posters, WuXi AppTec has not missed an SOT meeting in 25 years. And this year, the SOT and toxicology communities will take a moment to recognize this journey.

Amid the scientific sessions, poster presentations, and networking events, a special ceremony will take place. SOT president, Dr. Dori Germolec, is scheduled to present WuXi AppTec with a symbol of gratitude and recognize its 25 years of ongoing participation and contribution. The celebration will be held at booth #1433 and promises to highlight the power of commitment, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of scientific advancement.  

“We are honored to be recognized by the Society of Toxicology for 25 years of continuous participation and contribution to the toxicology community,” said Bill Harrison, WuXi AppTec’s VP of toxicology and global head of medical devices. “This award is a testament to WuXi AppTec’s unwavering commitment to advancing science and supporting the global healthcare industry through its innovative toxicology services. I am immensely proud of our teams around the world, whose dedication and expertise have been instrumental in our achievements.”

The ToxExpo, a centerpiece of SOT, will span March 11-13, showcasing the vibrant ecosystem supporting toxicologists and the broader community. Exhibitors ranging from government agencies to academic institutions, drug developers, and research organizations will display the latest innovations and services in toxicology.

WuXi AppTec will host several exhibitor sessions during SOT, including:

  • “Is Your Drug Ready for an IND Submission? What Studies are Needed?” on Monday, March 11, at 1:30 p.m. in Room 155 B. The session will discuss how drug developers can navigate the complexities of preclinical challenges and make the most of testing partners. It will also look at the future of preclinical testing and its impact on developers, regulators, and patients. 
  • “Biocompatibility and Toxicological Risk Assessment Strategies for Absorbable Devices” on Tuesday, March 12 at 10:30 a.m. in room 155 B. This session will explore the unique challenges medical devices engineered for absorption pose for biocompatibility and chemistry studies. A case study will also highlight the application of the strategies discussed in the talk.
  • “Development Challenges and Regulatory Changes for Cell and Gene Therapies” on Wednesday, March 13 at 9 a.m. in room 155 B. This session examines the manufacturing, testing and regulatory challenges of cell and gene therapies, a rapidly growing field of development. The session aims to help developers plot a course through pre-submission meetings and keep development times as tight as possible. 

Attendees can schedule a time to talk to one of WuXi AppTec’s experts. The company’s experts boast years of multi-discipline knowledge, and booth visitors can book an in-person or virtual meeting. WuXi AppTec will also present several posters, including:

  • “Tongue Toxicity as a Crucial Consideration in Ocular Toxicity Studies for Ophthalmic Drugs.”
  • “Retrospective Review of Tolerable Levels for Polyethylene Glycol in Non-Clinical Studies as a Vehicle Component.”
  • “Read-Across Approach Cases for Toxicological Risk Assessment of Medical Devices Constituents.”
  • “A Retrospective Analysis of Internal In Vitro Chromosomal Aberration Data.” 

WuXi AppTec is a longtime Diamond Supporter of the SOT Annual Meeting, where more than 5,000 toxicologists and professionals gather for a week of scientific sessions and poster presentations. The opening plenary speaker at SOT this year, Chris Gibson, Ph.D., will discuss the impact of machine learning on the industry, exploring how the technology can interface with existing science and advance the drug discovery process.

The conference will also feature debates on “Can the Microbiome Mediate the Toxicity of Environmental Chemicals?” and “Is Mixture Risk Assessment Now Established Regulatory Practice?”

The SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo is a can’t-miss event for many toxicology professionals, where attendees can build connections with peers, discuss and debate important topics, and help improve the entire profession. WuXi AppTec is honored to have shared its expertise and knowledge for so many years in a row.  “On behalf of WuXi AppTec, I extend our deepest gratitude to the Society of Toxicology for this honor and to everyone who has been part of our journey. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of millions, one discovery at a time,” Harrison concluded.

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