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The 16th European ISSX/DMDG Meeting

The 16th European ISSX/DMDG Meeting

June 11-14, 2023 | University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

WuXi AppTec is proud to be exhibiting at the 16th European ISSX/DMDG Meeting on June 11-14, 2023. We will be located at booth 16.


About The 16th European ISSX/DMDG Meeting

On behalf of the Meeting Organizing Committee, it is our pleasure to invite you to the DMDG and 16th European Meeting of the International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (ISSX). This meeting will convene at the University of Hertfordshire, June 11-14, 2023.

This is the first co-organized meeting for DMDG and ISSX, and it provides an extremely valuable and truly unique opportunity for researchers to gather and exchange ideas and expertise. In addition to an outstanding scientific program, the meeting provides you with access to state-of-the-art exhibits and ample opportunities to present your work during our poster presentation sessions.


Title: Plasma protein binding of nine antisense oligonucleotides by ultrafiltration

Title: Establishment of the flux dialysis method for highly bound compounds in human plasma and rat brain homogenate

Title: Ultra-high throughput mass spectrometry based analysis by direct injection (Echo™ MS) for plasma protein binding assay

Title: DAR distribution determination for antibody-drug-conjugates (ADCS) by LC-HRMS in vitro and in vivo

Attending The 16th European ISSX/DMDG Meeting? Meet With an Expert

Plan a visit to our booth 16 and schedule time to speak with one of our subject matter experts in the area of drug development lab testing