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25th North American ISSX Meeting

The 25th North American ISSX Meeting

September 10-13, 2023 | Boston, MA

WuXi AppTec is proud to be a Bronze Sponsor and exhibiting at the 25th North American ISSX Meeting on September 10-13, 2023.
We will be located at booth 407.


About The 25th North American ISSX Meeting

The meeting provides an exceptional opportunity for researchers, from academia and industry alike, to gather, network, and exchange ideas. In addition to an outstanding scientific program, the meeting provides you with access to state-of-the-art exhibits, ample opportunities to socialize and collaborate with friends and colleagues, and to present your research during our poster presentation sessions


Be sure to visit the Poster display to see:

Title: Development of Plasma stability assay of oligonucleotides

Title: Establishment of the relay method for low-turnover compounds in hepatocyte stability assays

Title: Experimental validation of the reliability of dilution method for plasma protein binding assay in human plasma using commercial compounds

Title: Plasma protein binding of oligonucleotides using rapid agarose gel electrophoretic mobility shift assay

Title: Strategies for Enhancing Oral Exposure of Water-Insoluble Compounds

Title: DMPK MID Development of an in vitro metabolism approach of acrylamide covalent drugs for predicting metabolism and disposition in humans

Title: Radiolabeled Mass Balanced Studies in Preclinical Animals

Title: Smart Compound Library Based on Machine Learning, Sensing Technology, and Programmable Logic Control

Title: Characterization of 14 Pharmaceutical Excipients in the Caco-2 Permeability Assay

Title: Novel Approach to Determine Plasma Protein Binding for Labile Compounds Using Equilibrium Dialysis

Attending The 25th North American ISSX Meeting? Meet With an Expert

Stop by and see us at the event and schedule time to speak with one of our subject matter experts in the area of drug development lab testing. Also, be sure to visit us at booth 407 for an Ice Cream Social on Monday, September 11th from 2:00 – 3:00 PM!